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Holistic Activism

Quick course Free World Order


How can we create a good life for all?


+ holistic cause and problem analysis

+ holistic cause-solution strategies

+ think freely, be mindful, act pro-actively

= Holistic activism


First and foremost, we must actively investigate the causes and connections why the world is the way it is. Define a holistic cause-and-problem analysis or make a planetary diagnosis. In addition, we need holistic cause-solution strategies. We need to find ways to actively stop the analysed causes instead of just treating the symptoms. On the one hand we have to actively assist in euthanasia for a system that is at the end of its life and on the other hand we have to simultaneously assist in the birth of a new system whose time is long overdue. By living holistic alternatives and thus pro-actively creating the world we want it to be, instead of being reactive and waiting and hoping that somebody might do it for us one day.


Being holistically active together!


YES, holistic activism is (includes and stands for)


·        being as positive as possible, arousing emotions and moving hearts.

·        Inviting, supporting and helping but giving people a choice.

·        Asking questions, arousing interest, directing attention to something, thought experiments.

·        to be allowed to be angry, indignant and restless, and to use this energy constructively.

·        the conviction that a peaceful and just world is always possible.

·        the conviction that the current global, competing and destructive power structures can only be resolved through collective holistic rethinking and global holistic cooperation.

·        loving, cooperative, non-violent, understanding, spiritual.

·        financed by voluntary donations, non-profit, decentralized, transparent, free and freely accessible (open source), and sociocratic (self-organized).

·        open to any faith as long as it is and remains agnostic. An agnostic is always aware that faith is not the same as knowledge, that there can be one, several or no God, but that no one knows this for sure, but that everyone believes only for himself or not.

·        Finding causes and solving causes instead of mere symptom relief.

·        Networking and cooperation instead of isolation, division, splitting and competition.

·        Enlightenment and dissemination of the essential instead of confusion through marginal issues.

·        Collective target group-oriented education, activation and networking.


·        Activation and motivation, the willingness to act instead of resigning.

·        parallel individual, social and systemic change.

·        parallel local, regional, national and international, as well as religious networking.

·        Orientation, focus and concentration on the positive and constructive, as well as on proven and creative alternatives, instead of keeping the old system alive or even fighting it.


NO, holistic activism strives not to be (…if possible):


·        against something but for something, together for a better world,

·        judgmental, punitive, guilt-seeking, purely problem-oriented,

·        spread fear and panic

·        put pressure on, overstrain

·        polarizing, dividing, separating, excluding,

·        all-knowing, perfect, flawless, dogmatic,

·        can be classified as party political and neither purely reformist nor purely radical, religious or purely atheistic…

Holistic cause-problem analysis

To sum up, it can be said that:

Unfortunately, it’s easier to deceive people than to convince them they’ve been deceived. In the power of our thoughts lies both the cause and the solution of all our problems and challenges. The world is the way it is because we think the way we think. Whereby we think the way we think because a power-hungry minority deliberately suppresses the consciousness of all humanity in order to maintain power. This manifests itself in collective lack of: wisdom, knowledge, insight, love, trust, dignity, cohesion, cooperation, altruism, hope, knowledge, the courage to face the truth, activism, imagination, networking; the ability to distinguish knowledge and faith, from the essential and the non-essential, from equality and justice, etc. The most serious symptoms are our destructive emotions, feelings and character traits such as selfishness, greed, envy, hatred, propensity to violence, competitive thinking, addictive behaviour, lying, inferiority complexes, inability to relate, etc. All the indescribable suffering that has arisen from this poisonous combination has manifested itself over time into a collective chronic traumatisation that is deeply rooted in us, which now needs to be treated together with love and understanding.


Lack of Consciousness

At present, humanity is still suffering from a lack of awareness about this:

·        what power is and the relevance of its distribution to every aspect of every human being’s life. That the probability of self-discovery and the greatest possible enjoyment of life, as well as the possibility of developing individual potential and expanding consciousness depends on how just, transparent and stable power is distributed globally.


·        That there is no such thing as guilt, because every person is only a product of his environment. No one is intentionally unconscious. To do something wrong or evil in full consciousness is by definition impossible. Everyone always does exactly what is considered right and necessary. To accuse and condemn someone for what you are, think, say or do is unjustified, wrong and unconscious.


·        who and what we are, why we are here, what the meaning of life is. What is true, what is real, what is right and wrong, good and bad. What kind of world we live in, what the world might be like, what we miss. Why the world is the way it is, how we can actively create a better future.


·        that all solutions and alternatives for a good life for all have always been there and are only waiting to be implemented globally and that every single person is a decisive factor in the balance of change.


·        that every human being is equal and that we only differ individually in the details; what creative (divine) potential every single human being carries within himself; what effective power our emotions and thoughts have; that we create our reality through our subconscious, our zeitgeist (our world views).


·        that collective and individual health, security, freedom, contentment, etc., are inseparably linked. That personal happiness depends on the general conditions, both in the immediate environment and globally, to be and become happy.


·        That all that is consciousness, that matter arises from consciousness (frequency, vibration, energy and information) (idealism), instead of the other way round (materialism, materialistic world view). That we humans are spiritual beings, that we are only temporarily in a physical body in a material world, in a 3-dimensional perception, and even time is only an illusion for us (error of the intellect).


·        that eternal material growth is something natural, positive and desirable. Because the opposite is the case, in a world with limited resources it is a guarantee to destroy oneself. Expansion of consciousness, mental and spiritual development, self-discovery, unfolding of potential, art, science and research, etc., all serve to satisfy our natural urge for eternal growth.

thought patterns, beliefs, paradigms, beliefs, lies…


Currently, too many people are subject to destructive patterns of thought and outdated beliefs or the misconception that


·      that the voice in our heads, our minds are ourselves. (Illusion of separateness, ego)


·      we are the crown of creation and the earth belongs to us. (selfishness)


·      it is God’s will to make the earth subject to us, as well as to oppress those of other faiths and women.


·      the stories we were taught in history class are true.


·      people are inherently selfish, evil or even violent.


·      we are currently free and self-determined in our thoughts and actions


·      it is the meaning and goal of life to be a successful person instead of a valuable one.


·      everyone is solely responsible for his own happiness. (Neoliberalism)


·      it is a human right to call limited resources your property. (capitalism)


·      Scarcity prevails and there is not enough to meet the needs of all.


·      we urgently need private property and material things to be happy.


·      everything that belongs to everybody is inevitably decaying because nobody cares about it.


·      we impoverish without continuous economic growth, although the opposite is true.


·      full employment is a desirable goal instead of having more and more free time.


·      our current economic and financial system is more useful than harmful.


·      Money has more advantages than disadvantages and a life without money is not possible.


·      Money has a real value and is created (increased) and regulated with confidence.


·      there is no connection between power, property, energy, money, resources and war.


·      the world is more likely to end than capitalism, corruption and tyranny.


·      that violence can be a solution, that evil can be defeated by force and that wars are a necessary evil.


·      the world can’t be any better than it is now because we have already tried everything and we are doing everything for it.


·      you’re not part of the problem, you’re not responsible for it.


·      our scientific and technological achievements are used primarily for the benefit of humanity


·      the greatest threat comes from terrorism and climate change rather than from shadow government


·      there is no such thing as an organized collaborative global power elite, or cannot exist (financial-media-industrial-military complex, think tanks, party foundations, lobbies, family dynasties, secret societies, etc.)


·      it is purposeful to choose people instead of values, laws, goals, ways etc.


·      we live in a democracy that preserves the interests of the majority or can preserve them at all.


·      our well-being and the environment have a value for the domineering or states.


·      our health system is designed to keep us healthy.


·      our education system is designed to educate us to be critical, free thinking people.


·      states would never do anything like mind control or terror to their citizens.


·      the established (mainstream) media would report extensively about it, if such a conspiracy really existed.


·      we are powerless and can’t change anything


·        etc.

Symptoms of a collective lack of awareness



      Still, if the world is as it is, the circumstances are as they are:

·      because a minority (greedy, power-hungry, unscrupulous insane, etc.) has successfully influenced, exploited, and oppressed the environment (nature, animals, and other people) for thousands of years. Because the global power struggle prevents us from coexisting peacefully and sustainably in harmony with our environment.


·      Because a minority influences the thinking and actions of the majority very successfully, especially by generating fear, separation, lies, violence as well as by maintaining the misbelief in property rights (private property) and the logic of exchange (money).


·      because people are collectively traumatised and, in view of the current situation, still too much in self-pity, frustration, depression, resignation and isolation (getting lost in their body of pain, pursuing the addiction to pain). Because too many of them lose themselves in wanting to find out every detail of this endless conspiracy or, in the vain search, to be able to blame it all on.


·      Because fear and comfort still prevent us too much from showing civil courage and actively working for a healthy world. Because evil can only triumph as long as the good people still allow it.


·      because humanity has not yet managed to unite and cooperate in order to: organize just and stable global power relations by distributing the earth’s resources fairly and organizing human potential in such a way that we can satisfy all our needs in abundance.


·      because too few people still have an idea of what paradise we can have on earth, or because too few still believe that we can still experience this paradise. Statements like: I cannot imagine this with the best will in the world, means in truth, I do not want to imagine this. I do not believe in it means I do not want to believe in it. Everyone can and has the choice, we just have to want to!


·      because too many activists are still too busy trying to alleviate the symptoms and therefore have too few resources to deal with the causes; or because too many are too busy trying to reform or repair an incurable system instead of establishing a new healthy foundation and system. Because the activists understand the real causes and want to eliminate them; because they are not yet networked and cooperate enough to effectively focus and align their potential.


·      Because our brain (the mind) has taken over the leadership over us by increasingly displacing our inner guidance through the heart (the love) and the gut (the intuition, the gut feeling) As a result, we have lost the connection to and respect for nature and unlearned to be in harmony with ourselves, in inner peace and thus naturally also in the outer world. As a result, our thoughts and actions as a whole are determined more by egoism than by altruism.


·        because femininity and masculinity have massively changed from their originality. The natural roles and relationships between women and men as well as sexuality are massively disturbed. The unnatural opposites can hardly be greater: male dominance as well as female submission, sexual licentiousness and perversion as well as inhibition and restriction (unfree love)

  • Holistic cause-solution strategies

    A good life for all is possible, for this it needs a global system change, this requires a global redistribution of power, which can only succeed through holistic global cooperation, for which a global change of consciousness is needed, especially in the topics: Power of Thought, Power Distribution, Cause-Problem-Causality, Guilt, Justice, Responsibility and Duty and finally in the Unity Consciousness.

    Globalized power structures can only be dissolved in global cooperation!


    Unfortunately it’s easier to fool people than to convince them were deceived. So there is no way to bring the truth to light past making the deception as obvious as possible. The Attention of the masses must be directed with united forces, as long as until it becomes too embarrassing to deny the truth any longer and in the end, everyone dares to say them out loud.


    “Thanks to telecommunications, we have the opportunity for the first time to inform each other directly, across all involuntary hierarchies, and to organize ourselves effectively in order to pool our entire activist potential globally.


    For a change that is as non-violent and sustainable as possible, we need a collective change of consciousness, especially among all our friends whose profession and duty it is to maintain state authority, to give or receive orders. What we need is a global system debate that is as media-effective as possible on the interrelationships of the following topics: Capitalism, growth mania, property rights to limited resources, financial dictatorship, money creation, deep state, sham democracy, media monopolies, mind control, illegal wars, unnecessary starvation, senseless destruction of the environment etc.


    In order to inevitably start this debate, we could, for example, take the liberty of asking for opinions in front of all public offices on the context of the above-mentioned issues, until it becomes too embarrassing for all concerned to remain silent for any longer, and in the end everyone dares to speak the truth out loud!


    Goals, values, visions and ideals of our planetary community:


    Preservation of our livelihood (ecosystem), world peace and a good life for all.


    A change as fast as possible but also as non-violent, gentle, smooth (crisis-proof) and as much fun as possible 😉


    Priority, focus and orientation maximally on the essential, the positive and the dissolution of the causes.


    Collective/awakening, knowledge, cognition, insight, finding the truth, consciousness, mindfulness.


    Collective politicization (power consciousness), change of consciousness from egoism to altruism, creation of a unity consciousness (human family).


    Global cooperation between all nations, instead of power and competition instead of nationalism, racism, neoliberalism, capitalism etc.


    global power dissolution into decision making structures that are as holistic as possible (voluntary, fair, sustainable, transparent, flexible, oriented towards the common good, etc.).


    Generating abundance for the satisfaction of our needs, through global cooperation and the fairest possible distribution of all the earth’s resources and the most efficient organization of individual human potential



    almost all further problems and symptoms will be solved by themselves bit by bit!

  • The odds have never been better!

    Optimistic (scientifically proven) basic conditions for global change:


    Who does not believe in miracles is not a realist, the real miracles happen all the time. Life itself is one of the greatest miracles of all, so even small miracles are possible at any time!


    People are born peaceful, cooperative and altruistic. (Experiments on the social behaviour of infants and toddlers)


    The majority wants world peace and a good life for all. (National polls on war etc.)


    The majority is suppressed and instrumentalized by a very small minority. (numerous studies on the influence of the electoral vote, as well as countless bills from cartels, etc.)


    More and more people begin to see through the situation and the strategies for maintaining power, become active and network. (Growth of alternative media, explosion of social initiatives and movements, etc.)


    All solutions and alternatives for a peaceful and sustainable life are already available and tested, they have always existed. (cooperation, sharing, sustainability, etc.)


    5-10 percent committed people have the power to influence the whole system in a sustainable way. (critical mass phenomenon, tipping point, swarm behaviour).


    Every single person is a decisive tip on the scales. (Democracy and voting, petitions, morphogenetic field, consumption etc.)


    Through telecommunications technology and the Internet, we have for the first time the possibility to network and organize ourselves globally in order to dissolve globalized power structures through global cooperation.



    Everything is ready, we just have to recognize the opportunity and seize it.

Time has never been so short,



of all present and future needlessly suffering creatures.


of the ecological conditions: increasing environmental destruction, rapid species extinction, forest dieback and fire hazard due to dehydration, acidification, climate change, etc.


imminent crises (chaos) and through the collapse of our financial systems and thus also our economic systems.


continuous nuclear armament.


bio-chemical and nano-technological advances.


uncontrollable gene and weather manipulation.


our increasing dependence on electricity and technology and the resulting vulnerability to crises.


the widespread, hostile radiation of the planet (mobile telephony, 5G, W-Lan etc.)


the advanced automation, which increasingly makes humans as slaves superfluous.


the progressive development of artificial intelligence


Eugenics (planned gene selection) and population decimation – etc.,


of these realities, we should act as quickly as possible with a maximum of cause-and-effect orientation!


What can/must we do together to solve the causes?

promote a change of priorities in activism, towards holistic activism


Translate this text into all languages and distribute it nationwide.


Demanding public statements from the police, military and courts on the topics of capitalism, financial dictatorship, deep state, sham democracy, etc. in a way that is as media-effective and attention-grabbing as possible


The more questions we ask each other and answer them as honestly as possible, the faster all conflicts will be resolved: e.g. Why are you here? Why is the world as it is? What is the main cause? Is private property and money rather useful or harmful? Is there such a thing as guilt at all? Can one be consciously unconscious? What contribution can you make to dissolve the causes? Etc.


It takes an irresistible vision and an understandable, realistic and foreseeable plan to achieve this vision. Examples: Plan of Healing Biotopes (Ecovillage Tamera), Global Ecovillage Network, TransitionTown Initiative, (social online network, the Facebook Alternative!), Common Good Economy, Resource-Based Economy or Economy of Abundance (Venus Project) etc.


Target group oriented distribution of this information on all channels and in all formats: Websites, videos, books (the book on Holistic Activism is in work, support is desired!), presentations, lectures, educational events, discussion groups, stories, fables, music, etc.)


Establishment of an institution for the promotion of Holistic Activism.


Change database. Make change as visible as possible and archive it freely accessible in a database (approaches are and, and various books).


Use current movements, crises or potentials like (Yellow Vests, Fridays for Future, Hong Kong, Corona) to spread the concept of holistic activism.


Networking to focus the global activist potential on the causes


Organising a think tank of change, with experts from a wide range of disciplines, to develop strategies and tactics to exploit the combined activist potential


Programming of an artificial intelligence of change, a computer program that tirelessly searches day and night for solutions and strategies in the sense of holistic activism and supports networking and organization…


World Vote, organizing a global democratic vote/questioning to create a collective consciousness that we as the human family can make common decisions


Develop and disseminate awareness self-tests


and so on?


What should we continue to do in parallel?

Education, networking, cooperation, organisation, coordination


Alleviate and treat problems and symptoms


Damage prevention, targeted active prevention or at least delaying of destructive decisions and actions (blockades, demands for resignation, removal from office, vote of no confidence, etc.), redirection of power (awakening a sense of responsibility (bad conscience)


Building on solutions evaluated in the past, developing them further and disseminating them


Building Holistic Societal Systems and Inviting Others


Celebrate success!


Develop, test and disseminate further strategies and tactics


To see through and make public the strategies and tactics for maintaining power: Influencing the subconscious (fear, emotions, needs, etc.) and thoughts (world view, faith, valuation, meaning, history, etc.); dividing and ruling, bread and games, propaganda, competition, surveillance, addiction, pride (patriotism), chaos, violence, lies, etc.

  • What can each person do for himself?

    Developing oneself into the most effective and efficient part of the solution to the causes and support others in doing so.


    Critically question one’s own convictions and rethink one’s own priorities.


    Seeking and accepting truth, leaving the comfort zone, being courageous, remaining true to logic.


    To believe in oneself, one’s fellow human beings and humanity; to trust that everything will be all right, to imagine a peaceful and just world, to put oneself in its place and manifest this by believing that one can still experience it oneself, and to invite others to do so and support them in doing so.


    Media literacy, be as aware as possible of what kind of information you consume, look for concrete information instead of having a programme put before you


    To cause as little suffering and separation as possible through conscious non-violent and sustainable consumption and non-violent communication. (Key points: Veganism regional and seasonal, fair trade, public welfare economy)


    To direct the energy of one’s own justified anger and indignation, as well as one’s own resources (time, energy, talents, money, etc.) as much as possible to the solution of the cause, and to convert them into constructive actions if possible.


    Considering, managing, investing and investing the resource money as holistically as possible, but at the same time moving away from the concept of bartering and trading to a pure gift economy (fair and sustainable banks, barter circles, regional currencies etc.)



    To give up the search for culprits and the waiting for redemption, to take responsibility for one’s own power, to become active in a holistic way and thus part of the causal solution, to network and to help organize change for a better life.

What can you do for other people?

Setting an example, loving unconditionally, showing others that they are not alone (demonstrating to each other how many we are), showing respect, inviting, supporting, explaining, comforting, motivating, reminding, reflecting on their behaviour, etc.