This is a hearty invitation to think, to reflect and to be active.

Is it possible that the world is the way it is only because of this:

·     because too few people know why it is the way it is, who really rules the world?

·     because too few people have an idea of how the world can be, what we all miss or are denied?

·     because too few people are aware that all living conditions can be improved many times over – very quickly – by a small, well-coordinated effort?

·     because too few people are convinced that a good life is possible for everyone and that most of us can even experience it?

·     because these states of mind are the power and existence basis of a minority – which is aware of it – and tries with all its might to maintain these states?


Is it possible that the cause of almost all problems worldwide – whether individual, social or ecological – lies in the interaction between power and consciousness, and that the solution lies in achieving a collective awareness of this insight? To be conscious means to want to live as self-determined and sustainable as possible. Conscious people have no interest in being influenced by random power, nor in exercising unnecessary random power over their environment (nature, animals or other people). In contrast, the main interest of power-addicted (power-obsessed, unconscious) people is to exert as much random influence as possible. What succeeds best is to suppress or influence the consciousness of all other people as effectively as possible. Consciousness and power, thus strive to suppress each other. So we have to decide whether power or consciousness should rule us and the environment!


We must not forget that globalized power structures cooperate to maintain power and can therefore only be resolved through holistic global cooperation – through global consense and global coordination. Although the rulers of our world are also divided and ruthlessly fight each other, they will always cooperate as effectively as possible when their common basis of existence, built on dependencies, is endangered by the increasing independence and self-determination of the people. Therefore, any local, national or even continental establishment of a good and conscious life for all will always automatically be the most important target for the cooperating power elite. What we therefore need is a global change as simultaneous as possible – a complete disempowerment and dissolution of the power elite – through the global establishment of transparent power structures. We need a global change of consciousness!


Is it possible that there are more than enough good-natured people – to create a good life for everyone – but that we are just not well enough networked with each other or do not work together effectively enough? Could it be that our global activist potential is completely sufficient and that we just need to bundle our energies more effectively? Could it be that the only thing we lack is a common strategy that we all believe in? The only way to find out is to try it! For this we need a plan that is as safe, promising, easy to understand and to execute as possible. An action that offers the possibility to be creative and that everyone can participate in his or her preferred way. We need effective resistance that can even be fun, by writing letters, talking on the phone, demonstrating, blocking, meditating, singing, dancing or whatever you feel like doing.


Through telecommunications, for the first time in history, mankind has the opportunity to inform each other – directly across all random hierarchies – and to network and organize effectively. Who knows how long we will have this opportunity?


We could use this opportunity to launch a global public systems debate on the interrelationships of the following issues: Power, property, money, money creation, wealth distribution, secret societies, mind control, sham democracy, interest bondage, financial dictatorship, power obsession, power elite, media monopolies, interpretative sovereignty/power of opinion, fake news, propaganda, indoctrination, fear control, deep state, lobbyism, Think tanks, controlled opposition, capitalism, growth mania, privatisation and collective expropriation, property rights to limited resources, selfishness, greed, corruption, illegal wars, oil addiction, environmental destruction, mobile phone radiation, unnecessary suffering, waste of resources, etc.


Unfortunately it is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they are being deceived. If you do not know that you are being oppressed, you will never think of wanting to free yourself. There is therefore no way around making the deception and oppression as obvious as possible. The attention of the masses must be drawn to it with united forces – of those who are aware of the deception and oppression – until it becomes too embarrassing to deny the truth any longer and in the end everyone dares to speak it out loud.


For a change that is as controlled, fast, smooth, non-violent and sustainable as possible, – with our distrust of the owners of the largest media companies, banks, corporations, as well as the most senior politicians – we should directly address those who have the authority and means to put an end to this crime against humanity. To our friends in the highest courts, in the police and in the military, because they are the foundations of power! Their world view is essential for us to succeed in transforming modern slavery and the threat to our livelihood into a good life for all, or not! Like us, many of them are dissatisfied and outraged about our unjust states. Who knows how many of them are ready to resist and just waiting for us to give them courage and to support them? Let us find out! Let us demonstrate to each other how many we are. Because only together we are strong!


All we would have to do is, to adress the following demands to our courts, police stations and military bases, FRIENDLY AND NON-VIOLENTLY, worldwide and as attention-grabbing as possible (eg):


·     The fastest possible public statements, on the contexts of the above-mentioned issues, after independent investigations as far as possible.

·     The obligation to provide assistance in need and the sworn oath to act in the public interest. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty! To question the legal basis for this. (eg right of resistance – German GG Art. 20, paragraph 4)

·     The organisation of a free and open debate on the above-mentioned topics, by disempowering the media monopolies and their sovereignty of interpretation / power of public opinion.

·     The quickest possible detention on remand and sentencing of all suspected offenders.

·     The observance of human and international law.

·     The establishment of a transparent and sustainable power management, e.g. through a nationalized and real-value-based monetary system without interest, an unconditional basic service, independent media, an asset ceiling, real or direct democracy or sociocracy, etc.


Where would we be now if the YellowWest’s, the Fridays-for-Future’s and the demonstrators in HongKong had pursued this strategy? Probably already a big step further towards freedom.

The idea of the FREE DEBATE is only a draft and also only a part of the concept of “Holistic Activism”. More information can be found on the website www.freidenken.org – For better ideas, comments, objections, support, open questions, or other concerns please write immediately to mail[at]freidenken[dot]org – THANK YOU!